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Di Martino Lab

Welcome to the research group website of Dr Giuliana Di Martino.

The Di Martino lab was set up in the Materials Science and Metallurgy (MSM) Department with the arrival of Dr Giuliana Di Martino. It is part of the Device Materials Group (DMG), which counts two other Principal Investigators (PIs). The Di Martino group's research pursues to find sustainable power solutions for highly efficient non-volatile memory (NVM) and for new forms of brain-like computing autonomous systems. Dr Di Martino directs research in the field of spectroscopy and light-matter interaction, developing technologies enabling investigation of a wide range of cutting-edge device materials, from novel semiconductor and dielectric interfaces, magnetic and superconductive thin films to innovative plasmonic ceramic materials, by which applications such as low power electronics, high performance memory devices and neuromorphic computing can directly benefit. By using light to solve fundamental problems, she aims to bring the world closer to Net Zero. 

The Di Martino group is excited to tackle challenges in a broad realm ranging from fundamental science to real-life applications. We develop the ultra-concentration of light trapped inside plasmonic nanocavities into an innovative fast methodology for studying real-time movement of individual atoms that underpins the new generation of memory nano-devices called resistive switching memories (RRAMs). Ongoing research topics include self-assembly (molecules, polymers and nanoparticles), surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy SERS.

Sustainable Memory Devices from Giuliana on Vimeo.