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Di Martino Lab


Raman spectroscopy is one of the most efficient and non-destructive techniques for characterizing materials. However, it is challenging to analyze thin films using Raman spectroscopy since the substrates beneath the thin film often obscure its optical response. Here, we created an easy tool to check fourteen commonly employed single-crystal substrates for Raman spectroscopy of thin films using 633 nm and 785 nm laser excitation systems.

Just click on the material of interest on the right hand side and you’ll see this plotted! Double click on one material for toggling between hiding/showing all materials. If you like this and want to use it, please cite us: Jan et al. Optics Express, Vol.31, No. 21 (2023).


All Raman spectra of listed substrates are published in [1] and can be downloaded from [2]

[1]  A.Jan, N. Strkalj, X. T. Nguyen, J. L. MacManus-Driscoll, and G. Di Martino, Comprehensive study of Raman optical response of typical substrates for thin-film growth under 633 nm and 785 nm laser excitation, Optics Express, Vol. 31, Issue 21, pp. 33914-33922, (2023)


credit to X.T. Nguyen for the creation of the page